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Wiscasset, Maine USA

Sample Wedding Menus

Grand Wedding Celebration:

Lavish cheese and cracker board: herbed goat cheese, Saga blue, pepper jack, etc…
Baked brie in Sarah’s puff pastry or with a caramel nut glaze, adorned with fresh fruits
Tomato basil garlic crostini
Bite size lobster puffs
Sarah’s mini crab cakes with a dollop of mango salsa
Summer greens with Sarah’s lemon chive vinaigrette
Baskets of freshly baked butter twists, sliced baguette, sweet bread squares, Whipped butter
Peppered beef tenderloin, grilled to perfection, accompanied by horseradish cream sauce
Boneless chicken breast tenderly stuffed with fresh spinach, ricotta and garden herbs
Grill roasted potatoes tossed with lemon and fresh rosemary
Steamed tender green beans with lightly toasted almonds
Tomato and summer squash au gratin

Grand Wedding Celebration II

Cucumber cups with herbed cheese
Smoked salmon pinwheels
Chilled gazpacho soup shots
Grilled jumbo sea scallops, mango and avocado salad
Sarah’s pasta primavera
Grilled boneless Tuscan lemon chicken breast
Sliced ripe garden tomato with fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette
Peppered tenderloin, grilled to perfection and sliced to order
Lightly blanched asparagus (seasonal) enhanced with dill vinaigrette, served chilled
Fresh baked rolls and whipped strawberry butter

Grand Wedding Celebration III

Welcome guest seafood bar, featuring:
Locally farmed Oysters,
smoked salmon, local rock crab claws, cocktail shrimp
Various savory dipping sauces
Skewers of scallops wrapped in bacon
Teriyaki chicken
Spanikopita triangles
Minted melon balls
Sarah’s Vidalia onion soup with crouton
Salad of mixed greens dressed with a light raspberry vinaigrette and edible orchid
Fresh baked croissant and blueberry scones, whipped butter
Peppered, filet mignon grilled to perfection, accompanied by roasted tomato and portabella
Baby Red bliss potatoes baked in Sarah’s special cream sauce
Baby carrots lightly steamed and tossed with lemon butter and fresh dill
Sinfully rich chocolate fondue with fresh fruits for dipping

Country Wedding Celebration

Celebration crudiete:
Array of fresh fruits, harvest vegetables, dips
Savory cheeses with crackers and Sarah’s parmesan garlic toasts
Sarah’s creamy seafood chowder, chock full of native scallops,
lobster, haddock
Accompanied by oyster crackers
Roasted farm raised turkey
Bread stuffing of fresh herbs, and local apples
Sage gravy with roasted onion and garlic
Country style ham with raisin sauce
Homemade cranberry compote
Roasted red bliss potatoes with rosemary and lemon
Puree of butternut squash and Maine maple syrup
Red cabbage vinaigrette
Baskets of Sarah’s fresh baked breads, carrot and poppy seed muffins, heart shaped biscuits,
whipped butter

Seaside Wedding Celebration

Lavish array of early summer garden veggies, with dips, savory cheeses, crackers
Rich, delightful chocolate fondue with fresh fruits for dipping
Edive boats with Sarah’s hummus
Buttery filo wrapper around Sarah’s fresh crabmeat cream cheese and herb
Mixed green salad with homemade dressing choices
Baskets of fresh baked breads and muffins, whipped butter
Baked Atlantic haddock, crumb topping in a parsley butter sauce
Boneless breast of chicken stuffed with a delightful filling of spinach, ricotta cheese and garden
Sliced beef in roasted mushroom gravy
Sarah’s pasta Alfredo parmesan
Roastedred bliss potatoes with fresh lemon and rosemary OR mushroom rice pilaf
Blanched young asparagus, lightly drizzled with lemon dill dressing, served chilled

Shore Dinner in Maine Tradition

Veggie platter with dips
Creamy Haddock Chowder accompanied by oyster crackers
Barbequed Breast of chicken with Sarah’s special sauce
Garlic bread, warm, buttery, crusty
Steamed lobster with lemon and drawn butter
Steamed mussels
Red bliss potato salad
Macaroni salad
Traditional coleslaw
Blueberry muffins, cheddar cornbread, whipped butter
Finishing touch:
Buffet of homemade pies with whipped cream

Sarah’s Shore Dinner II

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Sarah’s homemade dipping sauces
Raw Oyster Bar
Fresh caught lobster steamed served with drawn butter and lemons
Local mussels steamed with fresh garlic, tomatoes, wine and herbs
Just dug steamed clams served with butter and hot broth
Choice of Sarah's creamy chowders and perhaps a light vegetable soup
Sarah’s fresh baked breads with whipped butter
Boneless breast of chicken, marinated in Sarah's secret sauce, grilled
Mixed green salad with homemade dressings
Potato salad/ Pasta salad
Summer's garden vegetable sauté

Country Menu  with Old World Italian Flavor

Festive Antipasto Board of meats, cheeses, olives, peppers, herbs
Crackers and homemade breadsticks
Skewers of marinated lamb in a lemon rosemary sauce
Teriyaki chicken skewers
Kebobs of sea scallops wrapped in bacon
Buffet dinner:
Lasagana with roast sausage
Eggplant Parmesan
Pesto tortellini, chilled
Sliced garden ripe tomato with red onion and
fresh mozzarella on a bed of fresh basil
Fruit salad with mango, grapes and melons
Mixed green salad with Sarah’s homemade dressings
Baskets of fresh baked breads, garlic parmesan rolls, berry muffins
Whipped butter

Summer Celebration (strictly vegetarian)

Lavish array of savory cheeses: herbed goat cheeses; pepper jack, Gouda, Havarti dill
accompanied by assorted crackers
Brie, nestled and baked in Sarah’s puff pastry, with fresh fruits
Tomato/basil/garlic crostini, served hot off the grill
Summer’s garden cucumber boats with hummus
Endive with herbed cream cheese
Salad of local greens with lemon chive vinaigrette or raspberry vinaigrette
Baskets of seeded whole grain rolls and blueberry muffins, on tables with whipped butter
Grilled veggies and orzo salad
Grill roasted tiny new red potatoes, tossed with lemon and fresh rosemary
Steamed sweet corn on the cob
Tender green beans, lightly steamed and drizzled with lemon dill dressing, served chilled
Vine ripened tomato slices with fresh basil and Sarah’s pesto sauce

Garden Wedding Menu

Crudite of crisp garden vegetables with dips of roasted red pepper and lemon dill
Array of savory cheeses: pepper jack, saga, cheddar, baked brie with grapes
Crackers, breadsticks
Tiny choix puffs nestled with Maine lobster salad
Spanikopita triangles
Jumbo sea scallops wrapped in bacon
Skewered lamb marinated in Sarah’s lemon rosemary sauce
Salad of mixed and field greens
Dressing choices: raspberry vinaigrette and dijon vinaigrette
Boneless breast of young chicken with a stuffing of spinach, ricotta and garden herbs
Peppered roast of beef tenderloin, slice to order,
accompanied by horseradish cream and sliced baguette
Rice pilaf with wild rice and roasted almonds
Baby red bliss potatoes tossed with lemon and rosemary, roasted, served hot
Chilled fruit salad with fresh melon and seasonal berries
Baskets of Sarah’s breads, whipped butter

Sultry Afternoon Garden Menu

Lavish array of crisp garden vegetables, accompanied by fruits, salsa, dip
Imported and domestic select cheeses, with Sarah’s garlic and parmesan toast
Teriyaki boneless breast of young chicken
Kebobs of marinated jumbo shrimp with colorful peppers
Fusilli Pasta Salad
Fresh fruit salad with melon and berries
Carrot raisin salad
Garden green beans with a walnut dressing
Old fashioned potato salad with garden peas
Salad of mixed baby lettuces with a light citrus vinaigrette
Baskets of Sarah’s rolls and breads, served with whipped and strawberry butter


Summer’s harvest array of fresh veggies, dip
Bountiful display of savory cheeses and crackers, with fresh fruits
Bagged, steamed native clams, broth and drawn butter
Sheepscot River lobster, steamed in sea water with drawn butter and lemon
Maine Maple barbecued chicken , hot off the grill
Freshly steamed corn on the cob
Garden tomatoes, fresh mozzarella,  red onion and basil drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette
Tri-color pasta salad with crisp vegetables and olives
Baskets of Sarah’s homemade rolls
Whipped butter

Menu for a Late Summer Wedding

Lavish array or savory cheeses, crackers and garden herbs
Fresh fruit tray with local strawberries
Locally farmed oysters, on the half shell, nestled on a bed of seaweed,
accompanied by Sarah’s sauces and fresh lemon
Cucumber boats piped with smoked salmon mousse
Bite size squares of spinach dill quiche
Swordfish kebobs, marinated in a delightful blend of lemons and herb
Grilled vegetable and orzo salad
Wild rice pilaf
Greek Salad with local spinach, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, Greek olives
Feta Cheese, Sarah’s dressing
Basket of freshly baked breads and muffins
Whipped creamery butter

Sarah’s Seafood Splendor Barbecue

Steamed rock crab claw, cracked, with dipping sauces
Native oyster “shots”, made to  order
Jumbo Scallops wrapped in locally smoked bacon, grilled on site
Savory cheeses, sliced and served with crackers and fresh herbs
Fresh fruit  Salad, with seasonal berries
Various sausages grilled, sliced with mustards for dipping
Grilled  Tuscan chicken tenders
Tortellini salad with crisp veggies
New Potato salad with garden peas
Mixed green salad with Sarah’s Homemade dressings
Baskets of Sarah’s freshly baked breads and muffins
Chocolate fondue with  Sarah’s shortbread cookies for dipping

Menu for a New England Summer Party:

Crudiete of garden veggies with herbs and dip
Lavish array of cheeses with grapes, strawberries, crackers
Fresh local oysters with Sarah’s dipping sauces
Sheepscot River lobster, steamed and served with butter and lemon
Marinated filet of beef, grilled to perfection served sliced with horseradish sauce
Marinated and barbequed chicken
Native corn on the cob
Fruit salad
Red bliss potato salad with olive oil, lemon juice and Sarah’s garden herbs
Ripe tomatoes, sliced with fresh mozzarella and lightly dressed with balsamic vinegar
Cucumber salad with Sarah’s dill dressing
Macaroni Salad
Garlic cheese bread, hot and crusty off the grill
Assorted fruit pies with fresh whipped cream
Whoopee pies
Chilled beverages
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